Features That Represent Us

We pride ourselves in delivering the best services when it comes to healthcare provision and logistics in the current market space. Thanks to our B-kart technology, we can offer more than day-to-day pharma delivery to destined locations.

Prompt delivery

All products are delivered extremely quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your customers never have to wait and that your shelves and supply are always well-stocked.

Increasing efficiency

Our service improves the level of efficiency of healthcare logistics, eliminating unnecessary processes and bringing supplies and items directly to you in a streamlined and effective manner.

24/7 Visibility & Reports

You’ll never be left in the dark about the status of your order. We pride ourselves on transparency and communication, so you’ll have access to tracking reports and will be updated regularly.

Exception Management

In case of exceptions like heavy traffic or emergency breakdowns, customers will be notified immediately. This allows you to proactively take action to manage exceptions & customer expectations.

Value Propositions

By bringing in B-Kart technology toolkit to healthcare logistics, order tracking and fulfillment, we are enhancing the reach of our services and the speed at which they reach our customers at an optimized cost. This is all thanks to our B-Kart technology toolkit that tracks and fulfills all healthcare orders, making healthcare logistics easy.

Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on excellent and exceptional services, delivered with intuitive efficiency and perfected customer service. All our services are designed to easily meet the needs of our clients and customers in the best ways possible.

B-Kart Logistics

We offer access to our B-Kart logistics network for a chance to expand your business reach among healthcare supply chain clienteles.

Two-Way Delivery

This we achieve smoothly by making sure that there is an end-to-end pick-up to the delivery of healthcare goods along with acknowledgment of goods received and handing over of a signed challan copy.

Analytics and Reports

We offer detailed graphical and analytical reports that identify the business and the cost-optimization opportunities for the players of healthcare supply chain.

Reverse Logistics

In case the medicine delivery is returned, we as Biddano handle it with professionalism, so that there is no confusion between our clients, their customers and us.

Volume Delivery

We offer bulk delivery options on request as we have vehicles of different sizes for your service at an optimized cost to our healthcare distribution partners.

Flexible Membership Plans

Our membership plans allow for customization of delivery costs. This way we can adapt to your individual business need.

Real-Time Order Tracking

You can gain real-time visibility between all transportation modes, along with the ability to manage issues by exception from a single source via your PC or smartphone.

Demand Forecasting

The future is in our hands and we plan for it very carefully with machine learning tools. This way we can predict the demand and plan for the future supply and inventories.

Payment Collection

Our payment system is also flexible allowing for cheques or cash on request. The choice is yours.

Choose Your Best Plan

We are committed to meeting your unique, individual needs by offering a variety of plan options. Each plan is specially tailored to ensure that you receive the most value at the best possible price.


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What Customers Say About Us

Our clients come first. We strive to always be accommodating of our treasured clients’ needs and requirements, and we love to hear your comments and suggestions. Here are a few from our satisfied customers.

Mr.Pankaj Agarwal

"Very reliable and trustworthy, they deliver as stated"

KrishnaAgency - Surgical Distributor

Mr.Rajendra Badgujar

"There is nothing this healthcare logistics company can’t do, when it comes to healthcare delivery"

MIS Healthcare - Diagnostics Distributor

Mr.Dinesh Karnawat

"Smooth operation, everything is straightforward no glitches here. They work diligently and are very prompt on emergency cases, you cannot even tell if it is an emergency situation as everything runs effortlessly"

Senior Agency - Pharma Distributor

Why We Are the Best


As a healthcare distributor, you can place your trust in our healthcare logistics services, as we deliver what we promise. Besides, we have a stellar reputation for being the best in the industry when it comes to customer logistics satisfaction in India.

Deep-routed Cognizance

Our valuable business insights and reliability have kept us ahead of our competitors, so has our high level of professionalism in the field.

Swift Assistance

Besides, we stand out from the rest due to our strong system of emergency logistics services and the fact that we enable a better healthcare price from suppliers.

Our Vision

As a healthcare logistics company we aim to meet the needs of all our healthcare distributors and most importantly make timely deliveries to the expectations of our customers.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless pharma delivery to remote and rural areas that most companies in our line find challenging and difficult to achieve in a timely manner.

Our purpose is to better organize the healthcare supply chain without displacing other players from the market, instead filling a gap in the industry and fulfilling a necessity.

Contact Us

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